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In 2002, Urawa International Education Center (UIEC) was established at Urawa famous as a leading educational district in Japan and notified in the official gazette in September of the following year. We started Japanese language education from April 2003 and we continue to take on the job of supporting international students to go on higher education institutions in Japan. UIEC has been notified from the “Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau” and approved by the “Association for he Promotion of Japanese Language Education“. Our appropriate education, advice for daily life and academic achievements have been evaluated, UIEC is recommended by the “Saudi culture office of the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. UIEC also belongs to “The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language”. The 2nd school building is a minute away on foot from the 1st school building, the enrollment capacity is 298. URAWA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER Urawa In ternational Education Cen ter 2 Features ・ UIEC provides effective learning under the curriculum that prioritizes the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). ・ Based on the accumulated experience, we will propose the most suitable university for each student, and the academic advisor in the research field that matches the research theme of the student. ・ Our foreign staff members who have experience studying abroad in Japan advise each student appropriately about studies, life problems and injuries or illness.

Ageo In ternational Education Cen ter AGEO INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER 3 Ageo International Education Center (AIEC) was established in Ageo city, Saitama prefecture in 2016, and started Japanese language education for international students from October 2017. We are supporting higher education institution admission for international students, Japanese language education for residet status of "specified skilled worker system", and appropriate guidance and employment support. The enrollment capacity is 100 students. Features ・The cultivate Japanese proficiency aiming at employment in the nursing care field, and specialized lessons for the evaluation tests. ・AIEC teaching staff is the professional teachers who has long experience in the Japanese language education field. ・Staff who have experience studying abroad provides appropriate guidance for studying and life problems, and they are take care of students until graduation. ・AIEC students are always feeling a warm atmosphere peculiar to a small school.

School Expenses Admission Fee Facility Management Cost Tuition Fee Total 1st Year 2nd Year 2 Years Course 1 Year 9 Months 1 Year 6 Months 1 Year 3 Months ・ Application fee is 20,000 JPY. ・ Accident insurance cost will be charged. ・ Facility Management Cost includes not only facility maintenance but also textbooks and health check fee. ・ Fees for extra-curricular activities will be charged at the time of the event. 4 SCHOOL EXPENSES OUR ACHIEVEMENTS

5 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES We organizes activities for students to experience traditional Japanese culture in order to let students understnad Japanese culture well, we also advise each student to understand and respect the cultures of each country. We guide students not only in their studies but also in the way to quickly adapt to new environments and living environment. Sightseeing Activities : We are planning a one-day tour to go to famous landscapes and amusement parks in Japan, disney resort, hot springs area such as Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura. Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Origami, Kimono and calligraphy. The tea ceremony originated in China, but the traditional Japanese art of tea ceremony has brought daily activities to the level of artistic activities, and it was formed a unique and distinctive ritual that exists only in Japan. Culture Exchange Program : In order to promote mutua understanding of students from all over the world as well as foster Japanese communication ability, we organize exchange programs suitable for students' talents and strengths such as drama plays.

6 TRANSPORTATION AND LIVING ENVIRONMENT Urawa Station : 30 minutes from Tokyo Station, and 20-25 minutes from mainly stations in Tokyo such as Ueno, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku. Ageo Station : 40 minutes from Tokyo Station, and 35-40 minutes from Ueno, Ikebukuro, and Shinjuku. The living environment in Urawa and Ageo is also extremely comfortable, rent fees are about 10-20% cheaper compared with Tokyo area, it's a wonderful city for studying and living. Regarding the accommodations, we offer school dormitories and rent apartments. Structure of school dormitory is 1K (living room and kitchen) or 2DK (2 living rooms and 1 kitchen). 1 to 2 people will stay in 1K, 2 to 3 people will stay in 2DK, bunk bed, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, gas range, rice cookers, lighting fixtures, desk, chair, curtains, basic facilities except for the bedding set are already available. Students who stay in the dormitory must fully comply with the rules of the dormitory. Contract The first contract period is 6 months, after that the contract will be automatically renewed every 6 months. A resident who wishes to leave a room needs to notify to school at least one month before. In case of cancelling during the contract period, paid dormitory fees are not refunded. Apartment If students want to stay in apartment, we will introduce the real estate company. Students need to pay for their own key money, security deposit, commission fee, fire insurance fee and service fees. There is no equipment in the room of apartment, so students need to prepare by themselves. The real estate company also offers rental services for household appliances.

7 Living away from your own country and needing to complete your studies might be not easy, however, it has great potential to never be replaced. I sincerely wish that all the experiences of studying in Japan will be useful in each and every one of students. The status of residence is “Student” , so we welcome students who truly want to make progress in Japanese for their own objective. All teaching staff will do our utmost to support students from the admission to the graduation and going on to higher education institutions. HIDEKI AKIMOTO Chief Director At this school, we are offering 4 basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and the essay writing lessons in order to improve students' ability, and training for improving the communication skills is also prepared. The teaching staff is researching constantly to help and support students who wish to study more higher level. We will do our best to help students to pave the way for their future. Let's do our best together so that we can achieve your mission. SETSUKO HAGIMOTO Curriculum Coordinator The teachers at UIEC always offer counsel with sympathy. If you are a motivated student, you can also find professional teachers to improve your skills such as conversation and writing compositions. Teachers give good advice and have a positive impact on learners of all levels. For students entering into university and graduate school, UIEC also conducts interview and oral examination practice. The Interview practice is very important for almost all students, and it’s conducted on a one-on-one basis between a teacher and a student, and the teacher gives specific advice such as how to respond to the actual interview exam and proposes related specialized subject of study too. MING ZU Graduate School of Engineering Tohoku University

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