In 2002, Urawa International Education Center (UIEC) was established at Urawa famous as a leading educational district in Japan and notified in the official gazette in September of the following year. We started Japanese language education from April 2003 and we continue to take on the job of supporting international students to go on higher education institutions in Japan. UIEC has been notified from the “Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau” and approved by the “Association for he Promotion of Japanese Language Education“. Our appropriate education, advice for daily life and academic achievements have been evaluated, UIEC is recommended by the “Saudi culture office of the embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. UIEC also belongs to “The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language”. The 2nd school building is a minute away on foot from the 1st school building, the enrollment capacity is 298. URAWA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER Urawa In ternational Education Cen ter 2 Features ・ UIEC provides effective learning under the curriculum that prioritizes the Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU) and the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). ・ Based on the accumulated experience, we will propose the most suitable university for each student, and the academic advisor in the research field that matches the research theme of the student. ・ Our foreign staff members who have experience studying abroad in Japan advise each student appropriately about studies, life problems and injuries or illness.