7 Living away from your own country and needing to complete your studies might be not easy, however, it has great potential to never be replaced. I sincerely wish that all the experiences of studying in Japan will be useful in each and every one of students. The status of residence is “Student” , so we welcome students who truly want to make progress in Japanese for their own objective. All teaching staff will do our utmost to support students from the admission to the graduation and going on to higher education institutions. HIDEKI AKIMOTO Chief Director At this school, we are offering 4 basic language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and the essay writing lessons in order to improve students' ability, and training for improving the communication skills is also prepared. The teaching staff is researching constantly to help and support students who wish to study more higher level. We will do our best to help students to pave the way for their future. Let's do our best together so that we can achieve your mission. SETSUKO HAGIMOTO Curriculum Coordinator The teachers at UIEC always offer counsel with sympathy. If you are a motivated student, you can also find professional teachers to improve your skills such as conversation and writing compositions. Teachers give good advice and have a positive impact on learners of all levels. For students entering into university and graduate school, UIEC also conducts interview and oral examination practice. The Interview practice is very important for almost all students, and it’s conducted on a one-on-one basis between a teacher and a student, and the teacher gives specific advice such as how to respond to the actual interview exam and proposes related specialized subject of study too. MING ZU Graduate School of Engineering Tohoku University