5 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES We organizes activities for students to experience traditional Japanese culture in order to let students understnad Japanese culture well, we also advise each student to understand and respect the cultures of each country. We guide students not only in their studies but also in the way to quickly adapt to new environments and living environment. Sightseeing Activities : We are planning a one-day tour to go to famous landscapes and amusement parks in Japan, disney resort, hot springs area such as Nikko, Hakone, Kamakura. Japanese Traditional Culture : Tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Origami, Kimono and calligraphy. The tea ceremony originated in China, but the traditional Japanese art of tea ceremony has brought daily activities to the level of artistic activities, and it was formed a unique and distinctive ritual that exists only in Japan. Culture Exchange Program : In order to promote mutua understanding of students from all over the world as well as foster Japanese communication ability, we organize exchange programs suitable for students' talents and strengths such as drama plays.