Teaching Affairs Team

Teaching Team


YUMIKO TAKAHASHI (joined us in July 2014)
My hobby is playing the piano. Let’s do our best together to make your dreams come true.

KYOKO YAMAGUCHI (joined us in April 2015)
I’m from Fukuoka prefecture and my hobbies are calligraphy and embroidery.
Four-character idiom is a proverb consisted of 4 kanjis often associated with an historical event or classical story.
And my favorite four-character idiom is “啐啄同時” (そったくどうじ, sottaku-douji).
It means that when the chick pokes and makes a sound from the inside of shell for trying to go out , the parent bird gently peck from the outside to break the shell.
In terms of the education, I think that is to realize the situation of being harmonious between learners and the teachers.
I cherish to conduct the lesson according to the feelings and motivation of the students.
Would you like to learn Japanese together?

AKIKO YAO (joined us in October 2015)
My hobbies are traveling and watching movies, and my favorite sport is skiing.
I’m a little proud to have skied in Alaska two years ago.
I look forward to studying Japanese language which includes Japanese culture with you.

KAORI NISHITANI (joined us in July 2016)
I’m from Hiroshima prefecture, and I like eating and making delicious foods.
When you take the courageous step of studying abroad, you would have not only language skills, but also new sense of values and many friends.
I give careful consideration to your feelings, and I’ll support to find your good migration path.

MAYUMI FUKUSHIGE (joined us in January 2018)
To international students,
Hello everyone. Your study abroad life starts from UIEC.
Please see Japan with your own eyes, and absorb not only Japanese language but also various sense of values and cultures which are not the same as your country. And try to achieve your wishes and objectives one by one.
We support you wholeheartedly, so that you would be able to live a satisfying study abroad life.