Hideki Akimoto

Chief Director, Founder

After working at research labo in Japanese company that handles electronic devices for eight years, I worked at foreign‐affiliated semiconductor companies as technical expert. I worked in cooperation with many engineers who came from foreign countries, such as US, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sweden.
The working with them who have different cultures, different customs and various way of thinking spurred me on, and they also made me realize that I was caught up in a stereotype.
It seems that these experiences are useful in various situations where needs to choose from several alternatives.

Living away from your own country and needing to complete your studies might be not easy, however, it has great potential to never be replaced. I sincerely wish that all the experiences of studying in Japan will be useful in each and every one of students.

The status of residence is “Student” , so we welcome students who truly want to make progress in Japanese for their own objective. All teaching staff will do our utmost to support students from admission to graduation and going on to higher education institutions. . . so that you can feel “I’m glad to study abroad in Japan”, “I’m glad to choose UIEC”.

Job Experience:
・Central Research Institute of Clarion,・XILINX FAE/AE,・QuickLogic Technical Manager
・Established UIEC in 2003,・Established AIEC in 2017