Nobuo Nishizawa


When you take a step into the parts of the world which are still unseen, what gives you the power is “words”.
This is because by learning the language, you can also learn about cultures and customs that you do not know, and new ways of thinking.

It is a great pleasure for me to watch students, who cherished their expectations and anxiety when they came to Japan, learn Japanese and acquire knowledge that will enable them to become respectable members of society.
I would like to do my best to support everyone’s study using all the experience I’ve gained till now, so that each student who is learning at Urawa International Education Center can achieve their goals and dreams of studying in Japan.

Japanese Language Education Background
・Kansai Kokusai Gakuyukai Japanese Language School*1
・Bourguiba Modern Language School of National University of Tunis in Tunisia,
・Preparatory School for International Students of Northeast Normal University in China,
・Tokyo Japanese Language Education Center*2 (TJLEC) Director (Principal),
・Osaka Japanese Language Education Center*3 (OJLEC) Director (Principal),
and in April 2022, became an advisor to the Urawa International Education Center (UIEC).

*1 predecessor school of the current OJLEC that is run by a public agency “JASSO” supported by the Japanese Government.
*2 *3 runs by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

Providing comprehensive support related to guidance for Japanese language teachers, course curriculum, preparation for the EJU/JLPT exams, guidance for students going on to higher education facilities. . .
Japanese language education background for over 40 years.