JANUARY 2024 Admission

Admission month is January 2024 and its learning period is 1 year and 3 months.

Admission Requirements

・Completed undergraduate program

・JLPT-N3 or higher

・CSE-4 or higher (IELTS-4.5 or higher, CEFR-B1 or higher)

Field of Study

・Natural Science

Graduate School of Science:Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology …

・Applied Science

Graduate School of Engineering:Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Science of Architecture …

・Social Science

Economics, Business Administration, Commerce, Sociology, Study of International relations …


Literature, Psychology, linguistics, History, Human Science …

Learning Schedule

・January ~ March 2024

JLPT-N2/N1 Preparation, Strengthen Communication Capability, Preparing for Research Plans, Finding Right Professors, Making Exam Planning, Past Exams, Preparing TOEFL.

・April to June 2024:Application

JLPT-N2/N1 Preparation, Writing Research Plan, Maiking Contact with professor, Laboratory Visit, Short Essay Measures, Summarizing Graduation Thesis, Oral Exam Practice, TOEFL Exam.

・July to September 2024:ApplicationEntrance Exam

JLPT Exam, JLPT-N2/N1 Preparation, Oral Exam Practice, Revising Research Plan, Short Essay Measures, TOEFL Exam.

・October to December 2024:ApplicationEntrance Exam

JLPT-N2/N1 Preparation, Oral Exam Pactice, Revising Research Plan.

・January to March 2025:ApplicationEntrance Exam

Oral Exam Practice, Advanced Japanese, Preparation for Admission.

This program is designed for students who wish to go on to the master’s course. At the same time, students aim to pass the JLPT-N1/N2 within one year after admission into UEIC. Regarding the written exams of specialized fields, students need to study their fields of study.