College Preparatory Course 2 Years

Admission month is April and its learning period is 2 years.
A placement test is conducted to evaluate the skill level of students in order to place them in the correct class.
Although the proficiency level at the completion of course depends on each class, UIEC can provide flexible learning environments according to the proficiency level of each student by the class composition up to 16 classes.
The achieved proficiency skills from beginner level to advanced level are as follows.

  • Beginner 2 Completed : JLPT-N4
  • Intermediate 1 Completed : JLPT-N3
  • Intermediate 2 Completed : JLPT-N2
  • Advanced Completed : JLPT-N1 +

Course Outline
PLAN-A (standard) completes the beginner-intermediate level in December. From January of the following year, intermediate level 1 class and EJU preparation class starts, and JLPT-N3 level is reached in March.
From April of the second year, EJU preparation class or JLPT-N2 preparation class starts in parallel with Intermediate level 2 class, and JLPT-N2 level is reached in September and the intermediate class is completed.
In the advanced class from October, JLPT-N1 preparation class is conducted intensively, we aim to pass JLPT-N1 in December.

Learning materials and estimate study hours (PLAN-A)

Beginner and Beginner-Intermediate

  • Minna no Nihongo / 1・2
  • Chukyu e Iko
    (study hour is 6hours/3days for 1chapter, 60hours/30days in total)
  • 15minutes of Kanji practice per a day / Beginner~Pre-intermediate 1・2
  • Everyday listening in 50days / Beginner’s edition
    (Excerpt 30chapters, 1chapter/1hour per a day, 30hours/30days in total)

Intermediate 1

  • Chukyu o Manabo / 1
    (10hours/5days per a chapter, total 80hours/40days)
  • TRY! N3 (3hours/5days, total 30hours/50days)
  • 15minutes of Kanji practice per a day / Intermediate 1
  • EJU exam preparation (2hours/5days, 20hours/50days in total)

Intermediate 2

  • Chukyu o Manabo / 2
    (16hours/8days per a chapter, total 160hours/80days)
  • TRY! N2~N1 (1hour/1day, total 90hours/90days)
  • 15minutes of Kanji practice per a day / Intermediate 2
  • EJU exam preparation (4hours/5days, 40hours/50days in total)
  • JLPT exam preparation (4hours/5days, 32hours/40days in total)


  • JLPT exam preparation (4~8hours/5days, 32~64hours/40days in total)
  • TRY! N1 (1~2hours/1day, total 40~80hours/40days)
  • Nihon bunka wo yomu
  • Realia
  • Those who have obtained JLPT-N3 or above can transfer to the second grade class by referring to the placement test.
  • Teaching materials are sometimes changed to improve the curriculum.