College Preparatory Course 1 Year 3 Months

Admission month is January and its learning period is 1 year and 3 months.
One of the requirements of January admission is those who already have JLPT-N3.
UIEC can provide flexible learning environments according to the proficiency level of each student by the class composition up to 16 classes.
The achieved proficiency skills are as follows.

  • Intermediate 1 Completed : JLPT-N3
  • Intermediate 2 Completed : JLPT-N2
  • Advanced Completed : JLPT-N1+

Course Outline
From January, intermediate level 1 class and EJU preparation class are started.
From April, EJU preparation class or JLPT-N2 preparation class starts in parallel with Intermediate level 2 class, and JLPT-N2 level is reached in September.
In the advanced class from October, JLPT-N1 exam measures are conducted intensively to aim for passing JLPT-N1 within a year from the enrollment.

Learning materials and estimate study hours

Intermediate 1

  • Chukyu o Manabo / 1
    (10hours/5days per a chapter, total 80hours/40days)
  • TRY! N3 (3hours/5days, total 30hours/50days)
  • 15minutes of Kanji practice per a day / Intermediate 1
  • EJU exam preparation (2hours/5days, 20hours/50days in total)

Intermediate 2

  • Chukyu o Manabo / 2
    (16hours/8days per a chapter, total 160hours/80days)
  • TRY! N2~N1 (1hour/1day, total 90hours/90days)
  • 15minutes of Kanji practice per a day / Intermediate 2
  • EJU exam preparation (4hours/5days, 40hours/50days in total)
  • JLPT exam preparation (4hours/5days, 32hours/40days in total)


  • JLPT exam preparation (4~8hours/5days, 32~64hours/40days in total)
  • TRY! N1 (1~2hours/1day, total 40~80hours/40days)
  • Nihon bunka wo yomu
  • Realia
  • Teaching materials are sometimes changed to improve the curriculum.