Urawa is ranked 9th in the metropolitan area (1st in Saitama Pref) in terms of livable cities (stations/local governments). It has become much more difficult to find and make a contract the apartments which are located around Urawa Station and UIEC.
Please understand that dormitory might be far from Urawa Station or UIEC, or the nearest station might be Kita-Urawa Sta or Minami-Urawa Sta.

In addition, real estate prices in Urawa city is soaring, and apartment management fee, guarantee charge, cleaning fee also increase. Therefore, we have decided to revise the dormitory fee from April 2024. The revised dormitory fees will be posted in October 2023.
We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Room Details
Dormitories are almost 1K (Kitchen and 1 Room) or 2DK (Dining kitchen and 2 Rooms).
Basically, 1K for 2 persons and 2DK for 2 to 3 persons.
Those who wish to stay in a single room need to contact with UIEC in advance regarding the availability of the room.
After that, put a check mark on “single room” in No.11 of the application form (FORM-1).
Room Facilities

Bunk bed, Refrigerators, Washing machines, Microwave ovens, Gas range, Rice cookers, Lighting fixtures, Desk, Chair, Curtains. (Basic facilities except for the Bedding set are already available.)


The first contract period is 6 months, after that the contract will be automatically renewed every 6 months.
A resident who wishes to leave a room needs to notify UIEC at least one month before. In case of cancelling during the contract period, paid dormitory fees are not refunded.

Shared Room
・Key Money (only at first contract)JPY 50,000
・Security Deposit (Refund after leaving the room*1)JPY 20,000
・Cleaning Fee (only at first contract)JPY 10,000
・BeddingJPY 10,000
・Rent (6 months*2)JPY 162,000
Total JPY 252,000
*1 If there is the breakage of room or equipment, it will be refunded after deduction the repair cost.
*2 JPY27,000 x 6months
Single Room
・Key Money (only at first contract)JPY 50,000
・Security Deposit (Refund after leaving the room*3)JPY 30,000
・Cleaning Fee (only at first contract)JPY 10,000
・BeddingJPY 10,000
・Rent (6 months*4)JPY 324,000
Total JPY 424,000
*3 If there is the breakage of room or equipment, it will be refunded after deduction the repair cost.
*4 JPY54,000 x 6months

The rooms provided by Leopalace21 can be contracted before entering Japan.
There are many Leopalace21 rooms in Urawa, and the basic facilities are already equipped.
UIEC is a member of the alliance with Leopalace21, so discount may apply to our students and faculty members.


First House Minami-Urawa which can be booked before entering Japan is a guesthouse managed by Interwao Co.,Ltd. They are managing many guesthouses mainly in Tokyo.
Its location is 4 minutes on foot from Minami-Urawa Station, and it’s very convenient and comfortable environment to live in. House manager who supports residents is always caring and kind. It takes 12 minutes by bicycle from the guesthouse to UIEC.


International students cannot contract apartment before entering Japan in general, but it’s possible to rent after about 6 months. In advance, it’s necessary to pay rent, security deposit, key money, fee of guarantee company, fire insurance fee and fee for real estate company. There is no facility in a room, so resident needs to prepare. Real estate company also offers rental service for electrical appliances.
Able where is located at west exit of Urawa station is a real estate agency has very kind and polite staff, and they have a good reputation from international students.