Required Document

Required documents of applicant and sponsor are as follows.
Need to attach Japanese translations, when documents written in languages other than Japanese.
Required documents may differ depending on the nationality, please contact us if you have any questions.

① Application Form(UIEC FORM-1)

Form-1-Excel   Form-1-Excel

② Resume(UIEC FORM-2A)

Form-1-Excel   Form-1-Excel

③ Reason for Study(UIEC FORM-2B)

Form-1-Excel   Form-1-Excel

④ Written Oath(UIEC FORM-4)

Form-1-Excel   Form-1-Excel

➄ Diploma or Graduation Certificate

⑥ Academic Transcript

⑦ Result of Japanese language certification test (one of the following)

・TOPJ  ・J-cert  ・JLCT  ・PJC  ・JPT
If applicant doesn’t have the result of Japanese language certification test, please submit the Japanese language learning certificate (original) that is shown the course name, course period, teaching materials, grades, attendance rate, etc.

⑧ Copy of Passport

⑨ 5 Photos (hight 40mm x width 30mm)


① Document that certifies the ability to pay all expenses (UIEC FORM-3)

Form-1-Excel   Form-1-Excel

② Document that prove the relationship between sponsor and applicant

・Birth Certificate
・Certificate of Relatives, etc.

③ Bank Balance Certificate (original)

④ Income Certificate (original)

⑤ Document and materials that certify the formation of assets

・Copy of Bankbook or Bank Statement
・Letter that explains income and expenditure during most recent year